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February 29 - March 28 2020, (10:30am - 2:30pm, 5x Saturdays). At Simon Lee's studio in Alhambra, CA 91801

To enrolled students: Please check your Paypal email for detailed update on our first class including studio address.

NOTE: This is the last in-person class before fall 2020

Note for returning students:

Due to limited studio space and high class popularity, if you have previously taken the this class (whether In-PERSON or ONLINE), please either wait for the ADVANCED CLASS or check with Simon before enrolling again - we want to give more people the chance to participate in this learning experience. Thank you for your understanding.

About this class:

Simon Lee is a self-taught artist with more than 35 years of experience and one of the very few traditional sculptors working today as a professional character & creature concept designer for Hollywood blockbuster films and triple-A video games.

For an entire decade, Simon has taught many professional artists from all around the world. His unique way of sculpting has benefitted digital artists, illustrators, modelers, animators, hobbists, tattoo artists, beginners, and many top-tier traditional & digital sculptors.

The in-person class will be held at Simon's studio in Alhambra, CA 91801. This class covers the core concept materials of Simon Lee's unique approach to CHARACTER & CREATURE sculpting and design. If you have not taken any of Simon's classes before or are not familiar with his methods, we highly recommend that you start with this class regardless of your prior sculpting backgrounds. This class is designed to benefit both digital and traditional artists alike.

Prior traditional sculpting experience will help but is NOT required. More than 90% of Simon's former students are professional artists working in films, video games, toys, and VFX, but Simon will adjust his teaching based on each student's skill level.

What this class is not: this class is not about resin model kits, silicone masks, props, mold making or resin casting.

Materials and tools:

You will need to get your own materials and tools for this class, which will be discussed during the first class session (it will be all Simon's demonstration that day). Cost of materials and tools will vary depending on individual preference and can range from $20 to $50

Tuition: $550

Cancellation / Refund Policy

NOTE: Should class quota be met when you made your payment, your fees can either be refunded to you in full or deferred to the next class/workshop offering at your discretion. However, if space is available when you made your payment then the fees become non-refundable and can only be deferred to future classes. All class transfer requests must be brought up 48 hours, at the latest, before the first class. Once class has started, you will no longre be eligible for a transfer. All transfer credits must be redeemed within 4 months from payment date.

Should Simon need to cancel any or all of the class sessions for whatever reason, your full or remaining balance will be refunded to you accordingly.

Upon payment receipt, we will confirm your payment/registration via email.

NOTE:PLEASE CHECK YOUR PAYPAL EMAIL for updates from us once you're enrolled!

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